Organic British White Sourdough Starter Culture


Unlock the Magic of Our Organic British White Sourdough Starter! Rooted in the rich history of Hampshire’s New Forest, our starter embodies centuries-old baking traditions with a sustainable twist. Crafted from certified organic ingredients, it supports eco-friendly farming practices while delivering delicious, gut-friendly sourdough. Scientifically backed, sourdough fermentation enhances digestibility and nutrient absorption, making it a wholesome choice for health-conscious bakers. Embrace the heritage and goodness of organic baking with our Organic White Sourdough Starter—perfect for creating flavuorful bread that’s both ethical and delightful.

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Unveil the Magic of Organic British White Sourdough Starter!

Step into the enchanting world of baking with our Organic British White Sourdough Starter, steeped in the rich history of the New Forest in Hampshire. This starter isn’t just a mix of flour and water—it’s a living tradition, ready to bring your homemade sourdough dreams to life!

Ethical and Sustainable Wonder

Crafted with care and certified organic goodness, our starter supports sustainable farming practices that nurture the land and respect nature. By choosing organic, you’re not only baking delicious bread but also supporting a healthier planet and local communities.

Bake Healthy, Feel Awesome

Science meets flavour with our sourdough starter! Research shows that sourdough fermentation can make bread easier to digest and may even boost nutrient absorption. Plus, those friendly bacteria in sourdough? They’re like little helpers for your gut health—talk about a win-win!

Why Go with Our Organic White Sourdough Starter?

  • Heritage in Every Bubble: Rooted in centuries-old baking wisdom from Hampshire’s own New Forest.
  • Organic Goodness: No synthetic stuff here—just pure, natural ingredients for a guilt-free bake.
  • Sustainability Champion: Supporting eco-friendly farming that’s kind to the planet.
  • Health Boosting: Feel good inside and out with bread that loves your tummy as much as you do!

Get ready to whip up bread that’s not only tasty but also packed with heritage and health benefits. With our Organic White Sourdough Starter, baking becomes a joyful adventure full of flavour and wholesome goodness!


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Each pack contains 150g of fresh/wet sourdough starter.

Weight 220 g

Filtered water, organic white flour, sourdough starters.

Shelf Life:

15-21 days at ambient temperature. That can be extended by storing sourdough in the fridge.


Store at room temperature until the date shown on the packet. To extend the life by 1-2 weeks, keep it in the fridge.


May contain traces of wheat. Contains gluten.

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  1. Graham Horner says:

    Can this be opened a portion used then stored in the freezer for future use ?

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
White sourdough starter

Good active stater
Makes good flavoured bread
Would recommend

Sourdough starter

Hi,I used to use your sourdough starter over a year ago and it was just perfect and easy to make a delicious bread.
I bought it recently to start baking again.
I have followed the instructions and gave it a go twice - but with no success.
Sadly the bread doesn't rise and looks rather sad and undercooked.
The starter looks well activated after a couple of feeds ,so I don't know what is going wrong this time.
Could you please help with this?

Hi Monica.

Thanks for your feedback.

Firstly, I'm glad to hear that our sourdough starter was clearly active. Having an active starter isn't enough to guarantee a successful loaf and there are other factors at play. Making great sourdough bread requires attention to detail in areas like dough consistency, fermentation time / temperature, and how the dough is handled. So, while a lively starter is a good start, it's not the only thing that matters when it comes to baking delicious sourdough bread.

If you'd be kind enough to drop us an email at, we'd be more than happy to assist you in getting a good rise using one of our activated starters.

Kindest regards,

FF Team

Peter Ward

I am sure that practice makes perfect, but ...
I followed the instructions given on your video to the letter. Unfortunately, the resulting loaf had the shape, texture and appetite appeal of a discus. (I did throw it away.)
For the time being, I will return to buying my sourdough from the local baker. Come the summer, I will have another go.
The two stars is not a rating of your organic culture which I am sure is wonderful nor of your customer service, which was excellent, but is refers only to the outcome. As I say, I will definitely try again. Kind regards.

Sharon Gebhard
It works!

The Organic British White Sourdough Starter Culture works and the instructions provided on the website are comprehensive and really easy to follow. In fact, now my husband has read the instructions he has realised he probably didn't need to throw away our old culture.

Robert Del Maestro
Great Sourdough Starter

I had one of the best making results using your starter. Huge oven spring. Thanks so much.

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