Organic San Francisco Sourdough Starter Culture


Our organic San Francisco sourdough starter produces a very sour, tart bread that is either loved or hated by many.

Organic Alaskan Sourdough Starter

Organic Alaskan Sourdough Starter

Our organic San Francisco sourdough starter culture is made from the naturally occurring yeast and lactic acid bacteria in flour. It is often also used to name bread made using the culture. Yeasts and bacteria suitable for bread production are found in relatively high amounts on the surface of cereal grains, such as wheat. By grinding the grains into flour and allowing these micro-organisms to thrive – by adding water, keeping the mix at an appropriate temperature, and providing food in the form of more flour to create what is known as a ‘starter’ – they can be increased in size and concentration.

Our organic San Francisco sourdough starter culture comes sourced from starter cultures that have been in use for over a century. A mature, well-aged sourdough starter has a much stronger and distinctive sourdough flavour than one recently started from scratch. We have worked hard to obtain the very best sourdough from across the world. We feed our starter cultures twice a day; ensuring that what you purchase from us is a very active, starter culture.

San Francisco is legendary across the world for its sourdough. It contains a specific strain of bacteria- L. sanfranciscensis. Local bakers, including Boudin founded in 1849, swore that no one could reproduce it outside a 50-mile radius of the city – thus adding to its allure. The San Francisco foggy climate cultivated this specific type of yeast, which scientists have now identified in a number of places around the world. However, the strain of bacteria is still named after San Francisco, where it was first discovered.

Our San Francisco sourdough starter comes directly from the Fishermans wharf area. Although its heritage has not been officially confirmed, it is likely to have come from the original Boudin bakery starter culture. It produces a very distinct flavour and is a firm favourite of ours. We absolutely love it! Due to its tart, almost vinegar-like flavour, bread and pizza baked with this starter won’t be to everyone’s liking.


Weight 220 g

Filtered water, organic white flour, sourdough cultures.

Shelf Life:

15-21 days at ambient temperature. That can be extended by storing sourdough in the fridge.


Keep refrigerated until activated, then keep in a sealed container at room temperature.


Contains Wheat (gluten).

3 Questions about Organic San Francisco Sourdough Starter Culture

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  1. Emma Fontaine says:

    Is it vegan?

  2. Robbie says:

    Does this starter come in dried flakes? This will be my first attempt at sourdough.

  3. Lesley Ogston says:

    Roughly how many loaves can be made from the starter

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi Lesley, this will produce an unlimited amount of loaves for you as it’s heirloom and will continue producing bread for you. Thanks Lisa

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alexander Benton
Lovely stuff

Took about 7 days of feeding to really perk up, but now well established. It was winter time and it really did benefit from warmer rooms. Now using it in just about every baked good we make.

Davin Browner

Organic San Francisco Sourdough Starter Culture

Joy Speed
San Fran sour dough

This is my third go with the San Francisco sour dough starter. First try live it was fantastic, second was the freeze dry this didn’t work at all third is live and is proving to be difficult it’s no way as lively as the first was followed tha instructions to the letter but does not seem to be rising very much, and when I make the bread up and store it for 24 hrs in the fridge it doesn’t. Seam to rise much there ether. But the bread turned out quite nice. Not sure if why it’s not the same as my first batch .

Salvatore Carta


Frank Mulholland
Sourdough Starter

Quick delivery. Two feeds later it was ready to use and produced bread with a great flavour

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