Organic Ginger Beer Starter Bug


The organic ginger bug starter produces a very fizzy, traditional sweetshop style ginger beer that is low in alcohol and full of flavour.


Organic Ginger Bug Starter

The organic ginger bug starter produces a very fizzy, traditional sweetshop style ginger beer that is low in alcohol and full of flavour.

Ginger bug is a colony of Saccharomyces florentinus and Lactobacillus hilgardii. The result of a spontaneous fermentation that occurs when ginger, sugar, and water are left to their own devices. The mixture captures wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria naturally from the surrounding environment. The fermented mixture can then be used to add a bacteria boost to homemade ginger beer; using a traditional method centuries old.

Our starter culture comes from our own, very active colony of Ginger Bug. Our Ginger Bug starter culture allows you to get your own colony up and running much faster than starting from scratch. We dehydrate our Ginger bug; you simply add water, sugar and ginger to the starter culture and fermentation begins within hours.

You feed the Ginger Bug sugar and water daily for 7 days. After that time, you drain the liquid off to make Ginger Beer with and repeat the process again. The Ginger Beer produced has a low alcohol content (typically less than 2% A.B.V.) which can be made more alcoholic by increasing the amount of sugar fed during the fermentation stage.

How is GBP different from Ginger Bug?

GBP is like Water Kefir in that it is a gelatinous symbiotic colony of microorganisms, in this case a SCOBY of Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces. However, they are different sub species to the ones found in Ginger Bug and are similar to those found in actual beer production. The main difference is in taste between the two ginger beers produced. GBP has a more tart flavour to it when compared to Ginger Bug, which produces a much sweeter tasting traditional ginger beer. We generally find GBP also seems to be a little more alcoholic in comparison to Ginger Bug.

Weight 34 g
Shelf Life:

1 year.


Keep at room temperature.



3 Questions about Organic Ginger Beer Starter Bug

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  1. Holly says:

    Hi I have recently bought the ginger bug by mistake. However I am looking forward to trying it how much sugar and water do you recommend feeding before use and do you have any recipes to recommend once ready? Thanks

    1. Freshly Fermented says:

      Hi, full instructions and recipes can be found under our instructions section.

  2. Stephen says:

    Are there full instructions with the kit? I remember producing ginger beer for the whole family. The source was a bowl in the corner of the kitchen table which gas bubbles. She called it a ginger beer plant which she divided now and again. Was that what you selll here?

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi Stephen, we do sell Ginger beer plant. You can find full instructions for all our products here:

  3. Jill Hewitt-Gray says:

    I follow a sugar free diet; once the fermentation is complete what is the sugar content remaining? Is it possible to make a totally sugar free version?

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi Jill, the sugar content will be high and it’s not possible to make a totally sugar free version as even though the culture eats the sugar there will always be an amount left. Thanks Lisa

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Is great

I just started it and in 2 days is already bubbling, thank you.

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