Vegan Soya Milk Yoghurt

Organic Vegan Soya Milk Yoghurt Starter

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Our vegan soya milk yoghurt starter does require a thickening agent, but the bacteria are strong enough to make this an heirloom variety which can be re-cultured indefinitely.


Vegan Soya Milk Yoghurt Starter

Our vegan soya milk yoghurt starter has been the work of many months of testing and research. We didn’t want to offer yet another weird organic vegan yoghurt that had limited reusability and produced something that barely resembled actual yoghurt. Our vegan soya milk yoghurt starter does require a thickening agent, but the bacteria are strong enough to make this an heirloom variety which can be recultured indefinitely. Not only helping reducing plastic, it is also fully sustainable and best of all, it actually tastes really great!

This is a thermophilic yoghurt that requires heat to ferment. As always we recommend a dedicated yoghurt making device. Ideally, you should incubate the starter at 42c for 4-6 hours. We use tapioca starch as the thickening agent. Tapioca is a starch extracted from the storage roots of the cassava plant, a species native to the north region and central-west region of Brazil, but whose use is now spread throughout South America. The plant was carried by Portuguese colonisers to most of the West Indies and Africa and Asia. A small amount is required each time you make this yoghurt. Overall, we felt it was a small price to pay for the end result from using it. You can also use agar agar powder, pectin and if you are not vegan, gelatine.

Our vegan soya milk yoghurt starter contains of Lactobacillus and Streptococcu bacteria and the CFU count for these bacteria is just as high as that found in dairy yoghurts. Fully organic certified we are happy to finally be able to offer a vegan alternative to dairy yoghurt.

The starter sachet contains 1g of freeze dried yoghurt starter and 2g of tapioca starch which will make 1 litre of vegan soya milk yoghurt. 

Additional information

Weight 5 g

Starter Culture, Starter Culture + 100g Tapioca Starch


1g Organic freeze dried vegan soya milk yoghurt starter sachet and 2g tapioca starch.

Shelf Life:

1 year.


Keep at room temperature.


Contains soya milk.

6 Questions about Organic Vegan Soya Milk Yoghurt Starter

  1. alice says:

    Hi, to reuse this do you do as you would with dairy yoghurt and keep a bit back to add to the next batch?

    1. Freshly Fermented says:

      Hi, yes that is correct 🙂

  2. Fiona says:

    Can I use crockpot yoghurt function? What type of soy milk is needed, would you recommend a brand?

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi Fiona, the yoghurt needs to be heated at 42 degrees. If the crockpot overheats it, it will die so we have always recommended yoghurt makers designed just for yoghurts. We recommend any organic soya milk where the ingredients are just ‘soya and water’, anything else is unnecessary additives. Thanks Lisa

  3. Jennie Harborth says:

    Would an Easiyo yoghurt maker work or does it have to be an electric yoghurt maker? Thanks.

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      The Easiyo yoghurt makers will work although not great. Thanks Lisa

  4. Anna says:

    This packaging looks to be plastic free, is this the case? Would it be wrapped in any plastic for posting? Many thanks!

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi Anna, they are mylar resin packaging as they have to be airtight and those are the best we could find as reduced plastic packaging. Thanks Lisa.

  5. Jennifer McGill says:

    I know this is a soya milk culture but can it be used with alternative milks ie. Almond milk or oat milk or has it got to be soya. Thank you

    1. hungrycloud says:

      Sadly we have tried a number of plant milks. Coconut milk with a thickening agent works, however we have had no luck with oat or nut milks with this culture.

  6. Maxine says:

    So this yoghurt is totally sugar free? If you want it sweetened should I add it at a later stage?