Digital Yoghurt Maker

Digital Yoghurt Maker


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If you love yoghurt but want a healthier alternative to store-bought pots, or want to be more adventurous with flavours you can enjoy – this yoghurt maker & 7 Jars is a kitchen must-have. It will work with any of the yoghurts in our thermophilic range.

Healthier Alternative

With this at-home maker, the only ingredients that make it into your yoghurt are the ones you put in. That means no additives, no e-numbers and no added sugar – just natural, quality ingredients. Perfect for children and adults alike, this Digital Yoghurt Maker is a great way to take care of your family by helping them enjoy a nutritional diet.

Individual Pots

Whatever flavour takes your fancy, you can make it with this yoghurt maker in as little as 8 hours – which might seem a long time to wait for a yoghurt, but it’s worth it. If you want 1 pot or 7, use this yoghurt maker to make the desired amount. You could even make a different flavoured yoghurt in each pot and enjoy some variety in your sweet snacking.

Easy To Use

Once you’ve made your yoghurt mixture, simply add it to the pots and place those in the machine. You’ll then be able to set the required preparation time up to 14 hours – but don’t worry, most yoghurt varieties can be whipped up in around 8 or 12.

The stylish stainless steel exterior of this Digital Yoghurt Maker matches the high-tech interior components that make this machine work efficiently, every time. Keep track of progress through the transparent lid.

  • Homemade yoghurt is easy with this Digital Yoghurt Maker to do all the work. Simply add your ingredients and all the processor to mix up a thick, creamy yoghurt
  • Take control over what goes into your sweet snacks. Your yoghurts will contain fresh, natural ingredients, unlike store-bought alternatives which often contain added sugar and E-numbers
  • Includes 7 X 180ml individual serving glass pots with lids
  • 0-14 hour timer to suit natural, Greek and flavoured yoghurt. Most types can be made in 8-12 hours
  • Stainless steel housing with transparent lid makes a modern addition to the kitchen countertop
  • Extended 2 Manufacturer Year Warranty – Registration Required. *Terms and Conditions apply

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Weight 2600 g

2 Questions about Digital Yoghurt Maker

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  1. Rodrigo says:

    Within what temperature range does this work? I mean, what temperature can you set it between?

    1. Freshly Fermented says:

      37-42C on the range on these


    can i make soya yoghurt in my easio and hansells yoghurt makers.

    1. hungrycloud says:

      Hi, sure you can. Any of our yoghurts will work in a easio 🙂

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Claridge
Game changer@

My first attempt to make yoghurt and this little machine makes it so easy. A litre of milk, a yoghurt starter and to be on the safe side, a thermometer to check the milk temperature and you're good to go.
Turns out 7 pots of yoghurt in 8hrs (possibly longer depending on the type of yoghurt... Bulgarian does it in 8hrs).
Easy to clean up (machine just needs a dust, jars get washed as you eat the yoghurt), no need to keep checking on it.
Wouldn't be without it now and eager to try some different starters although the Bulgarian is a great 'regular' yoghurt and is pretty similar to what I was buying in the shop.