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Legal & Disclaimer

The cultures we sell are starter cultures used for inoculation. You consume the fermented medium the starter culture has been put into. We ensure our cultures are grown in mediums with a PH of less than 4.6 to ensure any harmful bacteria are not present. We also undertake regular lab testing for known pathogens which meet UKAS standards. As you will be responsible for using these cultures to ferment your own foods, we ask that you check your PH levels on a regular basis to ensure they are fit for consumption.

If you notice any signs of mould, we ask that you always discard the medium immediately. Please contact us if you have any worries or concerns. In our experience mould is rare. It is usually a result of a neglected culture. If you care for your cultures in the correct way and keep them active as per our instructions, the risk of mould is very minimal. These are hardy cultures that have been around for thousands of years, They are very mould resistant. Please ensure you sterilise any equipment used for fermentation on a regular basis.

We are governed by the Fareham Borough Council rules and regulations related to running a food premise and undergo regular inspections to ensure safety and hygiene levels are always at the highest levels. We hold the relevant food and hygiene certificates required to operate. We hold the relevant EC health mark identification number which allows us to export dairy-based products.

Due to European laws and regulations, we don’t make any claims to health benefits using our products. We do not list any on our website. We are unable to offer medical advice on any of our products. We are not medical professionals and ask you to consult with your GP regarding any matters of health.

We guarantee our cultures to ferment and reproduce if used within the suggested activation date listed on the packaging. If not, we will happily replace them free of charge. We are able to support you with the fermentation process and we are happy to answer any non-medical-related questions and queries.

Please note that you also agree to our shipping terms and conditions when making a purchase. These can be viewed here:

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