How to make milk kefir ice cream | Basic Recipe

How to make milk kefir ice cream | Basic Recipe

With the heat from summer flooding our days, we all need a good way to cool down! And what better way is there than learning how to make milk kefir ice cream? it’s brilliant for the gut biome, for example, our Milk Kefir includes 40 strains of different healthy bacteria which will assist in ridding your body from the most harmful bacteria living in the gut! so here is our secret recipe to make Kefir Ice Cream from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 5-6 hours


Milk Kefir Ice Cream150ml Milk Kefir
280ml double cream
2 tsp of vanilla extract
75g white sugar


Pre-Freeze a container in the freezer

Step 1: Pour all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix together until they are thoroughly combined.

Step 2: Whisk the mixture until it becomes a thick mixture the same as a thick yoghurt.

Step 3: Pour your mixture into your tray and place it in the freezer. (try and spread it evenly so it will set equally)

Step 4: place your tray into the freezer, and take it out every 30 minutes to stir it around, this will allow you to get that ice cream consistency you are looking for!

Step 5: Keep repeating every 30 minutes until it is at the idea consistency you are looking for.

Step 6: scoop the ice cream out of the tray and put it into some old take out containers, or any container you have that is able to go into the freezer.

Step 7: Serve with a smile!

So if you cannot stand the blistering heat, grab yourself a sweet cone of Milk Kefir Ice Cream