What Is an Organic Kombucha Scoby?

The power of the Organic Kombucha Scoby is truly amazing. It helps us create the extremely healthy drink that we all know and love. However, what does it actually do, and do we really need one to make kombucha? Well, I’m here to talk you through the power of the Organic Kombucha Scoby.

What Does Scoby Mean?

Scoby stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Yeast and Bacteria. It naturally grows while brewing kombucha! Kombucha Scoby’s are actually pretty essential to make Kombucha with. Even if you were to brew kombucha without the Scoby, one would naturally form anyway. The Scoby has turned into a bit of a symbol when it comes to kombucha brewing, with the brewing community holding them in quite high praises. People even name their Scobys!


Is a Scoby The Key Ingredient in Kombucha?

The simple answer is… No. The Scoby is not the most important ingredient when it comes to making Kombucha, the starter tea is the real key ingredient. And to completely shatter the most infamous illusion in the fermenting world, you do not need a Scoby to make Kombucha. Now before we get completely cancelled from the Kombucha Culture let me explain what I mean.

Kombucha can be made without the Kombucha Scoby, and it really is no secret, All of the Organic Kombucha Scoby sellers grow their Scobys from just the starter tea. Before you throw out your Scoby’s and call all of us Kombucha sellers scam artists, let me explain to you how I like to see it. Kombucha Scoby’s are not essential to make Kombucha, however, when it comes to making Traditional Kombucha, the kombucha Scoby is VITAL!

The Power Of The Scoby

The Scoby has many powers when it comes to Kombucha Brewing. One of the most important uses of a Scoby is its catalytic Properties! The Scoby will work as a fermented catalyst while brewing your kombucha, meaning it will speed up the process of fermentation when it comes to brewing your kombucha. This in my opinion is why a lot of people who know Scoby’s are not essential still use them anyway. Because of the dramatic time change there is between the Kombucha without a Scoby, and the kombucha with the Scoby.

The Scoby is also a part-time bodyguard for your kombucha! The Scoby in some cases has actually helped ward off mould from growing in the kombucha. This is a major benefit to using the Scoby in your kombucha, which is another reason that it is widely used in the Kombucha community. Even though it is fairly easy to identify mould in your Kombucha, it still can be missed. This is why we recommend using a Scoby whenever you brew Kombucha, because it will act as your main defence against mould.

Can the Scoby Become a Danger To your Kombucha?

Yes, your Organic Kombucha Scoby can become a weakness to your Kombucha, and it is for the simple fact that it does just keep growing! So let’s set the scene, your Scoby has grown too big and is now struggling to fit into your jar, what do you do? If you answered leave it in the same jar, that is unfortunately incorrect. There are actually two answers to this question, Number One: You throw the Scoby away and get a brand new one, or Number Two: You increase the volume of the jar you are storing your Scoby in.

If you left it in the same jar, unfortunately, the Scoby would start taking up too much room. This would mean that in effect your Kombucha will start getting more and more vinegary as time goes on. That is why we recommend either getting a new Scoby that is an appropriate size, or increasing the jar size so that your Scoby can live on!


What is the difference between a Regular Scoby and a Foreign Scoby?

We do not import exotic Organic Kombucha Scoby’s from around the world to sell on our website, and to our knowledge, we don’t believe any other Companies do that either. So what makes a Scoby colour change to pink or white? It’s all in the Tea.

We have a lot of different Scoby’s on our website, and they do truly all have a different taste, and that is because different Scoby’s are made from different teas. For example, some Scoby’s that are pink come from Hibiscus Tea which gives the tea a beautiful pink colour. If you use this tea to make a Scoby, then the colour of that Scoby will go pink. If you use white tea to make your Scoby, it will generate a white coloured Scoby. To put it simply different teas will make different Scoby’s.

So technically you can make a jam on toast Scoby if you use Yorkshire Tea’s new brand of teas that taste like jam on toast. I don’t know if I’d recommend doing that as I haven’t tried it, but it might be something for you to try out at home.

Why am I adding so much sugar to a healthy drink?

The bacteria that makes kombucha is hungry and will always be hungry. The sugar will keep your bacteria alive, and is what helps it keep producing Kombucha. However, the sugar will not remain after the bacteria has digested it. So do not feel guilty about drinking your kombucha which you’ve added a lot of sugar to. It will not be there when it comes to drinking the finished product.

Should I make my own Kombucha or buy it in the stores, or online?

This is very much your decision and a few things are crucial to making this decision. First of all, is the cost. How much are you willing to spend on Kombucha? Making your own is cheaper, but if you have the money why not buy crates of it and save yourself the hassle? Well if you make it you know exactly what goes into your kombucha. Some bottled kombucha drinks are actually not made the traditional way. A lot of them are made using 4 week old fermented kombucha, and they dilute it with sparkling water so that they can mass-produce the “Kombucha”.

If you buy bottled kombucha this can be the case with a lot of the bigger brands. The issue with it being made this way is that it can actually have less beneficial bacteria than actual Kombucha. Unfortunately, it is actually quite difficult to tell which ones are genuine and which ones are not. We would love to tell you who are real and who are not but unfortunately, we can’t say anything. This could put us at risk of having a lawsuit slapped on us. So here’s my advice… If you are drinking kombucha for medical reasons, or to actually receive the beneficial qualities it can produce, just make it. It’s way cheaper and it’s great fun experimenting with different flavours. And most importantly of all, it will stay alive forever. So as long as you look after it it will outlive you!


My Scoby is Sinking, what should I do?

Nothing!!! Your Scoby is absolutely 100% healthy! You have no reason to worry at all if your Scoby moves while fermenting. Your Scoby can float, sink and even flip while fermenting, but I can assure you that a moving Scoby is not a dying Scoby.

Where can I buy the best Scoby’s on the Market?

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