Solent Shrooms – Organic Cordyceps Powder


Organic Cordyceps Powder (50g)

Cordyceps is a genus of fungi and belongs to the Ophiocordyceps genus. The name Cordyceps comes from Ancient Greek and means club. And in Latin it means head. This fungus is a parasitic fungus and grows on a host before its development. In the case of the Cordyceps, the hosts are insects and arthropods. The Cordyceps is mainly found in humid environments.

In China, the Cordyceps is a traditionally used mushroom, which grows at an altitude of 3000 to 5000 meters on mountain ranges in Tibet and China.

The Cordyceps from which this powder is made is grown on substrates so that no insects have to be used as hosts. The powder is full of essential amino acids and various vitamins and minerals.

Suggested serving: 1-5g to be taken daily. Best mixed into a drink such as a smoothie but can also be added to food. The taste can be slightly bitter.

Each bag contains 50g

Weight 110 g

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Went with cordyceps and lions mane powder, I feel a preparation guide would be useful, took me a few attempts to get it right, still don't know if I'm using it right really making it with tea, first couple attempts were very clumpy and cakey, then mixed it with a very small amount of cold water into a thick paste gradually watering it down. Mixed in hot chocolate and with sugar to try and remove the bitter taste which I'm very not a fan of. I have stuck with it 5g a day and not felt much of a benefit, run out now and not sure I'll buy the powder again, tempted to try the capsules but would mean taking many capsules a day to take the highest recommended serving. A little disappointed I couldn't notice a difference been interested in supplementing with mushrooms for a while to help with the things the experts say it's beneficial for.

Hi Adam. Thanks for your review! Here are some tips for you.


It's common to face difficulties when using mushroom powders, as they can be clumpy.

To create a smoother mixture, you can try the following:

-Use warm, not boiling, water to dissolve the powder.
-Consider using a small handheld frother or blender to mix the powder with your beverage.
-Stir the mixture thoroughly to ensure even distribution.


Mushroom powders can indeed have a bitter taste. Mixing them with hot chocolate and sugar is a good approach to mask the bitterness. Alternatively, you can blend them with smoothies, juices, or flavored yogurt to improve the taste.

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