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£9.95 or £8.95 / month

Available from 01/06/2022

The Holistibox is a great way to start leading a more gut-friendly lifestyle, and brings you some new drinks, and snacks that you might have never heard of before! Get between 10-20 different food and drink products, from different gut-friendly companies from around the world, delivered straight to your door!


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Introducing… The Holistibox! Your new favorite Healthy Snack Service!

Gut health is so important and for hundreds of reasons! Gut healthy snacks and drinks, are becoming more and more expensive, and at Freshly Fermented we do our best to make sure that you can get some cheap cultures that will last forever. However, sometimes people don’t have time to look after a culture, and just want to have a Nice “There and Then” snack!

But with healthy snack and drink prices rising it’s becoming more and more tricky to find your perfect food item, without breaking the bank!

The Holistibox is a great way to try some incredible good gut foods and drinks, that you may have never heard of before, for a great price! with most boxes on the market like ours, offering 7-8 Snacks and drinks in each box for £20-£25, we knew we could do it better!

In The Holistibox, we offer between 7-8 different snacks and drinks, and on top of this, we offer this at the price of £9.95! From great companies like Rude Health, No1 Living, Good Hemp, and many, many more! The Holistibox is Definitely a great contender for the best gut health box on the market!


So what will I get in the Holistibox?

You will get a range of foods, drinks, and sauces that are more digestible, Filled with probiotics and prebiotics, or contain inulin! (The guts’ best friend). You will always get at least 10 full size items in each box from a range of different businesses.

Each monthly release will have a different theme that the Box will be based around. One month you may get a valentine themed box, and another month you may receive a Baked good themed box! the box theme will be constantly evolving, and if you’d like a sneak peek of the upcoming boxes theme, you should head over to our Instagram @freshlyfermented and get your sneak peek, and who knows! there may even be a sneaky discount code for you to grab! The contents of The Holistibox change every month, so don’t worry, you will never get the same thing twice!


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