Organic White Wine Vinegar Mother

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Organic White Wine Vinegar Mother
Organic white wine vinegar is very versatile and has a number of uses. It carries all the benefits that white wine has without the alcohol content. Raw, unpasteurised organic white wine vinegar has become difficult to source due to the popularity of pasteurising vinegar to make it clear and more attractive to the consumer. Sadly, that process kills the beneficial bacteria that helped make the vinegar to begin with.  We recommend anyone using an organic white wine vinegar to make their own, raw, unpasteurised versions at home. It can be a great use for corked, unwanted white wine.
Organic white wine vinegar is very easy to make. We sell raw, unpasteurised white wine vinegar starters which include the mother. From our starter mothers you will be able to make a lifetimes supply of organic white wine vinegar.

An organic white wine vinegar mother is a complex structure of bacteria and acetic acids. It looks similar to a Kombucha Scoby and forms in the same way. Raw, unpasteurised vinegars have a murky appearance and still contain parts of the mother culture. The bacteria continue to form new mothers even after the initial mother used has been removed.

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