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Organic Turmeric Bug Kit

Organic Turmeric Bug Kit

Organic Turmeric Bug Kit


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Organic Turmeric Bug Kit

Our Organic Turmeric Bug Starter Kits contain everything you need to start fermenting with this wonderful culture. We have sourced high quality products to include in all of our Turmeric Bug Starter Kits. Each kit contains high quality Kilner jars. They also includes all the utensils required for the fermentation process. These kits make fantastic gifts for anyone looking to start their journey with Turmeric Bug.

Each kit contains the following:

5g Organic turmeric bug
1 x 0.5 Litre Kilner jar *
1 Plastic jug
1 Large plastic stirring paddle
1 Plastic funnel
10 x Filter papers
8 x 500ml BPA free plastic fermentation bottles

Optional Ingredient Extras:

Organic turmeric powder (50g) & organic cane sugar (250g)

* Please note we may send a different variation of this jar depending on stock. These include square, round, ceramic lid, novelty and frosted colour variations. This in no way affects the usability of the jar.

Recommended activation date for culture:
1 year from the date of shipping. Always store at room temperature above 15c.