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Organic Malai Yoghurt Starter

Organic Malai Yoghurt Starter

Organic Malai Yoghurt Starter


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Organic Malai Yoghurt Starter

Malai is a type of thick, yellowish clotted cream. It’s made by heating whole, non-homogenized milk to about 180°F (82.2°C). After cooking for about an hour, the cream is cooled and the malai, a layer of coagulated proteins and fat that rises to the surface during the cooking process, is skimmed off the top.

Our Malai yoghurt produces a very sharp yoghurt that is quite tart. It’s not the kind of thing you will be used to buying from the supermarket, but it is extremely refreshing on a very hot sunny day!

The great thing about our Malai culture is that you can make it at home without the need to add sugar, preservatives or emulsifiers. This is a thermophilic yoghurt. It requires a yoghurt maker to be able to work with the culture. These can be picked up online reasonably cheap (less than £20).

To keep your culture viable, you must make your next batch of yoghurt within 7 days. After that time frame, the culture will start to die off and may not be healthy enough to re-culture.