Organic Gluten Free Sourdough Starter


Organic Gluten Free Sourdough Starter: Embrace Gut-Friendly Bread! Our Organic Rice Flour Sourdough Starter blends probiotic power with a gluten-free twist, perfect for those seeking a kinder option for digestion. This starter supports gut health with every bite, offering a tangy flavour and airy texture without the gluten baggage. Whether you’re a gut health guru or simply craving a delicious alternative, our starter is your new baking bestie. Grab a jar today and treat your gut (and taste buds) to something truly wholesome!

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Organic Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter: Embrace Gut-Friendly Bread!

Tired of the gluten guilt trip? Dive into the delicious realm of gluten-free sourdough with our Organic Rice Flour Sourdough Starter! Crafted with love and science (seriously, we wore lab coats), this starter packs a punch of probiotic power that’s as good for your gut as it is for your taste buds.

Why go gluten-free? Let’s be real: gluten-free bread isn’t some mystical unicorn. It’s bread, but with a twist. Studies show that reducing gluten can be kinder to your digestion, potentially easing bloating and discomfort. Plus, our sourdough process breaks down complex starches, making nutrients more bioavailable. It’s science doing a happy dance in your belly!

Benefits that rise to the occasion:

  • Digestive Delight: Less gluten can mean less digestive drama. Who needs that gluten belly bloat anyway?
  • Probiotic Power: Our starter is brimming with beneficial bacteria, ready to support your gut health journey.
  • Nutrient Booster: Fermentation unlocks nutrients in rice flour, so you get more bang for your bite.

But does it taste like bread?

While gluten-free bread can sometimes be challenging to bake and may have a texture that leans more towards cake, our gluten-free bread stands out with its perfect balance of lightness and flavour. Crafted with care, it offers a delightful, bread-like experience that’s sure to please.

Join the gluten-free revolution!

Whether you’re a gut health guru or just looking to mix things up in the kitchen, our Organic Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter is your new baking bestie. Embrace the joy of bread without the gluten baggage.

Grab a jar today and let your gut (and taste buds) thank you later!


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Each pack contains 150g of fresh/wet sourdough starter.

Weight 210 g

Organic gluten free sourdough cultures, organic rice flour and filtered water.

Shelf Life:

15 days.


Keep refrigerated.



4 Questions about Organic Gluten Free Sourdough Starter

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  1. mordcha goldstein says:

    is this product sourdough lactose and milk free

  2. Jayne says:

    I purchased one gluten free and one British sourdough kit and managed to successfully make sourdough pizza bases from both , however the next day the retained starter from the gluten free batch developed a furry mould and went pinkish. I kept the two jars well apart during fermentation but did have milk kefir close to the gluten free jar , was that the cause for the mould? If I start another batch of gluten free sourdough can both sourdough starters be stored in the fridge together?

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi Jayne, can you send me an email at and I will get this sorted for you. Thanks Lisa

  3. Jenny says:

    Shelf life 15 days? So you can’t feed it and keep it? Can you feed it any flour if so? What species of lactic acid producing bacteria are used? Thank you

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi, these have an activate by date of 30 days. You can feed and keep it once it’s been activated and it will go on indefinitely as long as it’s fed regularly. We feed it organic rice flour and it is fine.
      Thanks Lisa

  4. JOHN STACEY says:

    I imagine I need to use brown rise flour to feed the starter but can I use regular gluten free flour in the bread? Or must I use brown rice flour in the bread also? Thank you, ❤????❤

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi John, You would need to use gluten free bread flour to make the bread. Have you found our instructions here: Thanks Lisa

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