Organic Certified Elderflower Vinegar Mother


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Organic Elderflower Vinegar Mother
Elderflower Vinegar is rare creation that will delight all who try it. Made from wine created during the season when Elderflowers are at their very best. Elderflower Vinegar has a unique and delicate flavour that brings life to any meal. Making vinegar is one of the oldest fermentation processes known to humankind. Elderflower Vinegar has a long history of fermentation in the UK. Sadly, due to the seasonal and rural nature of Elderflowers, it has become a difficult vinegar to source. We feel it is a great shame this wonderful vinegar has lost its popularity and are proud to be able to offer the Elderflower Vinegar Mother to you on our website.
Elderflower Vinegar is very easy to make at home. We sell raw, unpasteurised Elderflower Vinegar starters which include the mother. From our starter mothers you will be able to make a lifetimes supply of Elderflower Vinegar.

The Elderflower mother is a complex structure of bacteria and acetic acids. It looks similar to a Kombucha Scoby and forms in the same way. Raw, unpasteurised vinegars have a murky appearance and still contain parts of the mother culture. The bacteria continue to form new mothers even after the initial mother used has been removed.

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