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Organic Dark Chocolate Kombucha

Organic Kombucha Drinks

Organic Kombucha Drinks


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Organic Dark Chocolate Kombucha

Our dark chocolate organic kombucha is made with a specially selected aged pu’erh tea and our Tibetan kombucha starter culture. Dark, rich and smokey with a wonderful balance of ingredients that give a unique dark chocolate aftertaste. This is kombucha on a new level, pushing the known boundaries of fermentation to its limits.

We are proud to launch our new range of authentic bottled drinks. This is real, unpasteurised kombucha. Full of flavour and friendly bacteria. Hand made in small batches and naturally carbonated like real kombucha should be. Commercially produced kombucha found in supermarkets is a diluted version of the real thing, artificially carbonated to increase the shelf life and halt fermentation. Kombucha is a living product which continues to ferment when bottled. This makes it very difficult to sell on a large commercial scale. Which is why what you buy in the supermarket simply isn’t the real thing.

We have decided to take on the challenge of offering authentic organic certified kombucha drinks. Made the traditional way as it has been for centuries. Made using our organic kombucha scoby, our drinks contain the full spectrum of bacteria and yeasts found in kombucha. Just as the proper stuff should! Real unpasteurised kombucha continues to ferment when bottled meaning it has a short shelf life and murky appearance. Embrace the murky bits, they mean you no harm. Alternatively strain the murky bits out before drinking. Store in the refrigerator at all times and serve chilled. Kombucha may also contain low levels of alcohol (less than 1%). Alcohol is a natural by-product of the fermentation process. Due to this, kombucha is not suitable for young children or pregnant women. Store in the refrigerator at all times and serve chilled.

We recommend 250ml per day. Kombucha has a 30 day best before date. Please note the flavour will become more tart as it ages

Ingredients: Organic kombucha culture, organic pu’erh tea, organic cocoa shells, organic cinnamon, organic liquorice, organic carob, organic barley malt, organic cocoa powder, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic cloves, organic ginger oil, organic black pepper, organic vanilla beans, organic vanilla extract, organic cinnamon oil, organic cane sugar, natural chocolate flavouring, filtered water.


Each bottle contains 500ml. Each pack contains 6 bottles


Recommended activation date for culture:
30 days from the date of shipping. Refrigerate on arrival.