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Organic Agar Agar Powder

Organic Agar Agar Powder

Organic Agar Agar Powder


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Organic Agar Agar Powder

Organic Agar Agar Powder from Indigo Herbs forms a gel-like substance derived from red algae. Low in calories, fibre and mineral rich, it is an excellent vegan thickener that can be used to substitute gelatin. Also known as Kanten, Agar Agar has no flavour, odour or taste and can be used to make jellies, jams, panna cotta and as a thickening agent in vegan yoghurts.

At Indigo Herbs we are passionate about premium quality Wholefoods. Explore the tabs on this page to find out more about the health benefits, quality, manufacture and suggested use of this wholefood. At Indigo Herbs we are committed to empowering optimum health and nutrition and assisting you to take responsibility for your own health and well being, by having access to many of natures healing botanicals.

50g back of organic agar agar powder.