NaturAlly FED – Original Kombucha (Single Bottle)


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NaturAlly FED kombucha is made from the finest organic green tea and raw cane sugar, it is fermented during which time the bacterial culture eats the sugar and breaks down the caffeine, turning the tea into a slightly fizzy, very tasty drink, packed full of vitamins and minerals. especially B Vitamins (B12 in particular) and Vitamin C. Kombucha is also rich in acids that are highly antioxidant and helpful for detoxing your body.

Often likened to Cider – minus the alcohol!!

We are passionate about what we do and are always experimenting with new recipes, we launched a brand new Chakra range last year, it’s been a big hit and really does taste as good as it looks, there is a perfect flavour for everyone!!

330ml Bottle
Flavour – Original
Keep refrigerated on arrival

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