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Microbiome test
Microbiome test
Microbiome test

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The Atlas Microbiome Test

The Atlas Microbiome Test analyses the types of bacteria present and their proportion in the overall microbiome. It provides information about the various functions of your gut bacteria, like the extent to which they protect you against certain diseases and inflammation, as well as what vitamins they synthesise. You will also get recommendations to improve and maintain the balance of your microbiome by adding specific foods to your diet.

Listen to your gut

    • Learn how microbes protect you from disease
    • Understand how diet affects gut bacteria
    • Optimise microbe’s vitamin synthesis
    • Dietary fibre breakdown and butyrate synthesis
    • Personalised food recommendations
    • Probiotics and beneficial bacteria report

Atlas Biomed uses advanced technology to analyse the DNA of your gut bacteria. Unlike conventional laboratory analysis, the Atlas Microbiome Test not only qualitatively determines the composition of bacteria, but also calculates the proportion of the different types of bacteria in the microbiome.The 16S rRNA sequencing that is used for the Atlas test is more sensitive: it can detect bacteria that cannot be cultivated in Petri dishes (the method routinely employed by laboratories for stool sample analysis).

Take care of your bacteria and they will take care of you

The gut microbiome plays an important role in digestion and nutrient metabolism. It also protects the body from pathogenic microbes.

More than 20,000 scientific articles have been published about the gut microbiome and its relationship with various health conditions over the past decade. Every month, new research is released in this field. Atlas Biomed used these publications to develop an interpretation system that is now featured in the microbiome test.

This research has established that bacteria in the microbiome are not simply ‘good’ or ‘bad’ species. Rather, how microbes participate in health or illness is dependent on their abundance in the overall community and how they relate to one another. The recommendations provided on your personal account have been developed on the basis of microbiome research by doctors and scientists.

Please note the microbiome test kit will be sent directly from Atlas Biomed. All shipping costs are included in the test price. Results can take up to 6 weeks.