Greek Yoghurt Kit

Organic Greek Yoghurt Kit (Maker + Yoghurts)

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Our organic Greek yoghurt kit comes with everything you need to start making great yoghurt in your own home. It includes a Greek/skyr yoghurt maker and both a Greek yoghurt starter and a skyr yoghurt starter. Aside from milk, this kit contains everything you require to make and strain your own yoghurt. It will also work with any of our thermophilic yoghurt range producing consistent yoghurt time and time again.

Making your own yoghurt is simple, cost-effective and sustainable. A single yoghurt starter can be reused indefinitely, allowing you to make rich, thick and creamy yoghurt at home time and time again. Full of beneficial bacteria and goodness, making your own yoghurt has never been easier.


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Weight 1600 g

1 Questions about Organic Greek Yoghurt Kit (Maker + Yoghurts)

  1. JANE HARDING says:

    How do you actually make the yogurt with this kit? Can you use standard milk, and do you have to add something to the milk to make it work? A bit more detail for a first timer would help! I eat Yeo Valley from my milkman – a large spoonful a day, but want to avoid plastic.

    1. Lisa Hillyer says:

      Hi Jane, you do use milk to make the yoghurt yes. I have linked the instructions here as it might make a bit more sense for you:

      If you have any questions then please contact us on or give us a call on 03334451608 and we will help 🙂