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Electric Heat Mat
Electric Heat Mat
Electric Heat Mat


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Electric Heat Mat

During colder times of the year such as autumn and winter, it can be difficult to maintain a good temperature for fermenting cultures to thrive. Using a heat mat is a simple and cost effective solution to this problem.

Our heat mats have originally been designed for use in reptile tanks and maintain a temperature of 8 or 9 degrees above the ambient room temperature. If for example your kitchen is usually around 14°c  degrees in the winter, the mats will warm your ferments to around 22°c , which is a much better temperature for fermenting cultures to remain active.

All you need to do is stand your glass jars on the heat mats. The heat from the mat is then transferred into the glass jar. The mats are also splash proof should anything spill onto them. Please be aware these are not 100% water proof and as with any electric powered device care must still be taken when using them. They have been designed to run for long periods of time while using very little power consumption.

We currently sell two sizes of heat mat.