Organic Stoneground Dark Rye

Cotswold Organic Stoneground Dark Rye – 1.5kg

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Cotswold Organic Stoneground Dark Rye

Traditionally stoneground milled from certified Organic Rye farmers. We keep 100% of the wholegrain in this flour to maximise the nutritional boost from the germ, bran and endosperm.

Perfect for: Delicious Organic Rye breads, perfect to blend into sourdough recipes, crackers, and savoury snacks with a darker denser character.

Top Tip: Add rye flour to your baking recipes for its unique, wholesome nutty flavour. Add rye to bread, cookies, pancakes, pizza crust and crackers.

Healthy Rye: Rye is a good source of natural fibre and iron for your body. Rye is lower in Gluten than most other wheats but not suitable for Coeliac.

Milling & Provenance: Rye is referred to as an Ancient Grain. Rye can thrive on the hills of the Cotswolds thanks to its naturally deep routes that can maximise the capture of nutrition’s in the soil. Carefully selected Organic Rye is separated from every stage of the process to ensure its certification as Organic. Free from enhances and other additives good for the planet and great for you.

Contains: Organic wheat

Each bag contains 1.5kg

Allergens – Contains wheat.

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Weight 1500 g

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