Cotswold Organic Light Spelt Flour 

Cotswold Organic Light Spelt Flour – 1.5kg

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Cotswold Organic Light Spelt Flour

Matthews Cotswold Organic White Spelt flour is a lighter Ancient grain Spelt flour that has a beautiful nutty slightly sweet flavour.

Perfect for: Use Matthews Ancient grain spelt flour in any recipes calling for wheat. Often used as an “all-purpose flour” Spelt is perfect to blend with baking recipes. Being a light grain baking bread with spelt produces a softer and tender loaf.

Top Tip: Replace your standard wheat flour for a spelt flour in most recipes for a nutrient and flavour boost.

Healthy Benefits of Spelt: Spelt is high in natural fibre an excellent source of protein and micronutrients such as calcium and vitamin E.

Milling & Provenance: Triticum Spelta or “Spelt” is an Ancient grain relative of modern-day wheat but with a stronger husk and powerful nutritional content. Stripped from its coarse outer layer to end with a smooth white flour.

Contains: Organic Spelt Grain,

Each bag contains 1.5kg

Allergens – Contains wheat.

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Weight 1500 g

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