How to make the Sex On The Booch Cocktail

A spin on the worlds most famous cocktail, the Sex On The Booch Csex on the boochocktail is a tropical flavoured cocktail that is sure to blow your tastebuds away. This is another one of our house recipe cocktail designed by an experienced Mixologist. We recommend this drink for any party, and even if you’re having a late night catchup with a friend, this is the drink for you! We understand that a lot of people drink kombucha for health reasons, which is why we feel we should tell you that drinking alcohol with kombucha will not have the same beneficial effects as Straight Kombucha. And solely only drinking kombucha with alcohol is pointless and will not really do much for you. however that being said, this is a brilliant little drink to share with friends. It’s an incredibly easy cocktail to make and could literally be made by anyone!


Prep Time: 5 Minutes

150ml Kombucha

50ml of coconut rum

100ml of pineapple juice

1 Circle Lime slice

3 Cubes of ice


Step 1: Add the ice to your glass, we recommend using a medium-sized glass for this cocktail, as it will be a perfect size.

Step 2: pour your pineapple juice over the ice in the glass and then follow that up with your coconut rum. once they are both held in the glass, carefully stir them together.

Step 3: slowly pour your kombucha over the ice, so that the kombucha mingles with the pineapple juice.

Step 4: cut a slit in the lime wedge so it can comfortably sit on the rim of the glass.

Optional Step: if you do not have any lime, we would recommend an orange slice for a slightly more sweet zest of your glass.


That’s it, now go and enjoy your Sex on the Booch cocktail.


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