November was a busy month for Freshly Fermented. Business co-owner Wesley Brown has been taking to the airwaves across a number of national radio stations. His favourite show was with UK Health Radio, where presenter Dora Walsh did an in depth interview with Wesley for her Nutrition for Health, Perfect Weight and Wellbeing Show.

Discussing  the current explosion of fake fermented food products in the supermarkets, how Freshly Fermented was formed and the current future of fermented foods. The interview shines light onto our work ethos here at Freshly Fermented and some of our plans for the future.

“Dora chats with Wesley Brown on preparing fermented foods at home including sourdough bread, kombucha, kefir, and the problem with fake fermented food products on supermarket shelves”.

You can listen back to the full interview by clicking the link here.

Dora Walsh runs Nutriheal and provides dietary advice and healthy eating plans. She aims to demonstrate the health promoting power of food and show you how nutrition and diet can help you reach your optimum health. What you eat can really transform the way you feel.

Check out Dora’s fantastic website by clicking here