The Holistibox is a care package of at least 10 different Vegan foods and drinks for you to try at home. You will always get your money’s worth with this box, and all the items are hand selected by the Holistibox team!

On top of this, we always change the contents of the box every month so you will never get the same product twice!


The Holistibox has been made for 2 reasons!

The 1st reason is to give Vegan’s a monthly mystery treat that they can snack on without having to check the label (we know the pain). The 2nd reason is to help non Vegans, or people struggling to become Vegan find a supply of different items from different brands to add to their weekly shopping list. Being Vegan is such an important part of the eco system, and if we can even convert 1 person to the green side, it’s a win in our book!


All of our Holistibox’s are sent out within the same week as each other!

We start sending out our Holistibox’s on the 4th Monday of each month, we do this so that no one can have their box spoiled for them (everyone hates a spoiler).

If you’re thinking about subscribing to the Holistibox, you have until the 3rd Sunday of the current month to subscribe. If you subscribe after this time, you will receive next month’s box.

Some of our boxes are limited release, so there may be a maximum limit of subscriptions available for that month’s box. Don’t worry the limit of boxes will go up as the month’s go on!


How the Holistibox works is simple and straight forward!

All you have to do is go onto the ‘Subscribe to the Holistibox’ page on our website and sign up to the subscription. It’s as easy as Vegan pie!

The specific date that you subscribe will determine what date you are billed each month. If you subscribe on the 1st of the month, you will be billed on the 1st of every month!


So i know what you're thinking...

"Hey, there's packing peanuts in here! How can you care about the earth if you include this fish poison?”

Well, you silly Vegan sausage, those aren't conventional packing peanuts, they're actually made from corn starch!

Corn starch dissolves in water. So, if these peanuts do end up in the ocean, they will dissolve completely in around 15 minutes! Any glass items you receive, will also be wrapped in recycled cardboard!

No pollution is the solution!